Welcome to Lilani Wealth Management

Lilani Wealth Management is a full service financial services firm, with a location in Roseville, California. We specialize in working with women and their loved ones, and women-owned businesses. 

We recognize that our clients have active and multifaceted lives. With many demands on their time, our clients realize how important it is to work with professionals who can navigate through the numerous and often complex financial decisions they have to make for their own and their family's well-being as well as for the success of their businesses.

We are experts in our field and deliver world-class service, with ongoing, regular communication and quarterly reviews. Here are some of the services we offer: 

Our mission is to create and preserve wealth for our clients through effective implementation of sound financial strategies. Financial planning does NOT have to be an intimidating or frustrating process. We “listen” to our clients’ concerns, learn what is important to them and take action. We regularly communicate with them to ensure the feasibility of their plan, all the while staying current with the changes in estate and tax laws that may affect our clients’ short and long term goals.

Why focus on women?

The majority of women today lead very different lives than just a few decades ago. They excel in their careers, efficiently handle responsibilities at home, attend little league games, volunteer at the local food bank and still manage to make it to the yoga class on time! Women, today, also have a lot working against them.